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How To Register

2022/2023 Registration

2022/2023 Registration Process

Please complete the 2022/2023 registration process


  1. Player-Parent/Guardian Information
  2. Emergency and Medical Contact
  3. Team Name
  4. Picture/PDF of Birth Certificate
  5. Athlete Headshot
  6. Visa/MasterCard/Discover/Checking Account

Fee Schedule and Payment Options

  1.  $200.00 with club fundraisers
  2.  $300.00 with no club fundraisers

Fees must be paid in full at registration or split into 4 payments (initial payment, August 1st, September 1st and October 1st).

2022/2023 Costs

Registration Fees

$200.00 w/club fundraisers

$300.00 w/no club fundraisers

*Club Fundraisers (if, applicable)


4th Of July Firework Booth

If other fundraisers are available, they will be provided at a later date.

Volunteer Hours

Kings County Soccer Club requires at a minimum, four (4) hours of volunteer time, per player, per year. 

Team Fees

Vary amongst teams- will be provided by the Coach/Team Manager

Uniform Expenses

Team will provide details of required uniforms

* if you decide not to participate in fundraisers at a later date, you may contact the treasurer to pay the remaining registration balance